My skin routine

Read about my current skin routine and my tips on keeping your complexion clear.

A girl walks into a barre

What is Barre? Read about my first experience in a barre studio.

Why you should adopt a pet

My top reasons why you should adopt a pet along with my own experience adopting my only son, my kitty cat Sunny. And yes, that is my cat on a leash.

Sayonara Santa Barbara 

Read about my past year living in Santa Barbara and all of the cool things you should check out when you visit!

Trend alert: Summer ’17

Read a collective list of items I put together to sum up my Summer 2017 trends!

Loving yourself completely, and meaning it. 

Tips and advice on how to love yourself completely.

The at home workout: Glutes

Wanna work out at home? Here is my at home work out targeting your glutes! Get your booty up!

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