So you want to be an influencer? -How to find your niche market

It is no question that influencer marketing is becoming a big deal in the social media world. Nowadays you can’t scroll through anything on your phone without consuming content and seeing an ad for shampoo from your favorite beach bum. So why can’t you be one of these people? As Gary Vee himself says, influencer marketing has just begun, and it’s very underpriced. So how do you get started? Well, here I am to help you with STEP ONE of this process. Figure out your niche and run with it.

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My Summer Round Up


This shoot was inspired by Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado.Styled by Jess. Models: Ellie Norkina and Devon Williams. Photography: Bryan Ralphs.

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My top 5 thrifting/reselling tips

Thrifting for me has basically been a family tradition, I remember being dragged to thrift stores and yard sales as a kid. I didn’t start to appreciate thrifting until recently, where I realized I not only was doing something that was nostalgic, but I was making money off of it.


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Say yes to the dress: Live, Love, Lavender

If you haven’t attended five weddings yet this summer, you’re probably planning to pretty soon and you’re thinking, “What on earth do I wear?!” You probably have texted everyone who is going asking for ideas which landed you back at square one.

Here are my tips and pointers on figuring out what to wear.

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