Category: fashion

Trend alert: Summer ’17

Read a collective list of items I put together to sum up my Summer 2017 trends!

Say yes to the dress: Live, Love, Lavender

Why is being a woman so hard?! What should I wear?! Read now for tips on figuring out the right thing to wear to that special event.

The Classy & Chic Bohemian

I totally threw this blogpost together and somehow described my style in three words. Read about how I got to picking my style and who influences my fashion.

The office outfit: Fashionable & Affordable

Who said pantsuits weren’t fashionable?! Read how I twist up my work wardrobe to make me look like the most affordable and fashionable fashionista out there!

Caviar taste with a McDonald’s budget 

So I am a college graduate with student loans and responsibilities. Nobody told you how to tackle on this thing called life while you’re in college, and you kind of just have to wing it as the days go by. A question I get often is, where did you get

An intro to Poshmark

Happy hump day my fellow bloggers! I just wanted to give some insight on Poshmark and how I found success with the lovely app and how you too could make some quick cash! The app is available in your smart phone App Store and its free! Now clean out your

Happy Earth Day- Fashion

This weekend I got to check out Earth Day at Alameda Park in Santa Barbara, California. It was a warm weekend to say the least. Ross and I explored the park, full of fun events and great information about global warming, the climate, and our current political influences on the

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