Are you ready for the summer? Well it’s ready for you! So grab your girls, or your cell phone and let’s do some shopping. You’re probably going to be attending some concerts, going on road trips, or hanging by the beach. Here is my list I put together of my top trends for summer 2017. I have a whole bunch of similar items available on my online store, shop here!

Wrap dresses

Off the shoulder tops

Graphic tees 

Distressed denim


Crop tops 

Floral print 

Skater skirts 

Tie crop tops 

Slip on sneakers 


*I do not own these photos, they were taken directly from the instagram of one of my other fashionista inspirations @sincerelyjules

If you haven’t attended five weddings yet this summer, you’re probably planning to pretty soon and you’re thinking, “What on earth do I wear?!” You probably have texted everyone who is going asking for ideas which landed you back at square one.

Here are my tips and pointers on figuring out what to wear.

  • Find out if it is indoors or outdoors I feel like outdoor venues are a bit more casual then indoors letting you get away with prints, two piece sets, and dark colors.
  • Find out what everyone else is wearing. This way you now know what the venue will be like and how your friends will be dressing.
  • Know what colors look great on you. Stay away from neon colors. Black and dark colors are okay depending on your style. Lavender, pinks, yellows, blues, light colors are always safe.
  • Know what flatters your body. Skipped the gym a few days? ..or months… wear a loose fitting dress. Too much skin is too much but you definitely can get away with shoulders or leg action.
  • Nude heels go with everything! They also could be worn dressed up or casual! You basically can’t go wrong with nude heels.
  • Be confident at the end of the day all that matters is what you think. If you feel great in that tight dress, then wear it! After all, LOOK GOOD FEEL GOOD. And trust me girl, that shows.


The main reason I posted this is because I myself can’t pick which dress to where! Comment below and let me know your opinions on dresses, weddings, and cultures. So which dress did I end up wearing to the wedding? Stay tuned and find out why I wore that dress!


With all these trends and styles coming in and out of our fashion scene, who do you look to for inspiration for your next outfit? I personally dress according to my feelings for that day, or by what event I’m going to. To sum my style up I picked three different women who are in the public eye that I pull inspiration from. For the well rounded woman I introduce to you my personal style, “The Classy & Chic Bohemian”

Jessica Alba @jessicaalba

This woman right here is amazing. You probably know her from the movies she’s been in. But have you heard of the Honest Company? You probably have. And did you know she is the founder of the company? I recommend trying her products if you have a family or just are conscience about certain toxins in products and materials. She is everything I aspire to be, a classy, hard working woman. I look to her for my work outfits and business casual attire. Blazers, slacks, blouses, heels, jewelry, and makeup inspiration!

Stassi Schroeder @stassischroeder

If you knew anything about me you’d probably know that I love brunettes, after all I am a brunette. But Stassi is one of my exceptions. This girl has it all from the sass to the look. I’ve followed vanderpump rules since the very first episode that aired a couple years ago and I’ve watched Stassi grow as I myself have grown. She is inspirational to me not only fashion wise but because of her emotional strength. Here are some of the chic looks from Stassi that I love. Follow her on snap she is very active and posts all of her OOTD!


Kaitlyn Bristowe @kaitlynbristowe

You may know her as the bachelorette from season 11. Like Stassi she has this spunk to her. That California girl attitude where it’s either you like me or you don’t. But most of all I LOVE her style, the beachy bohemian. Cowboy boots, high waisted shorts, destroyed jeans, booties, graphic print t shirts, floral prints. Everything I love!


Of course there are many other women out there that inspire me every day these are just a couple I came up with randomly. Who inspires your outfits? Which trends are you seeing that you love? Comment below & let me know!



**I do not own these photos, they were taken directly from their individual instagram accounts**

I often get asked where I shop for my work outfits. I work full time and am required to dress appropriately according to a business attire dress code. Yes, I suit up!

So as I’ve said in my previous posts I’m a smart shopper. I never purchase anything at full price. This is the number one rule as a fashionista! Secondly, be smart with your budget. Don’t pay $200 for something just because it is a name brand item that you can find anywhere; besides you’re the only one who can tell the difference! For example: pair your Kate Spade handbag with your not so expensive H&M slacks and blouse. Accessorize with jewelry and ta-da! You have yourself a classy, affordable winning wardrobe plus the fashionista!

Here are a couple stores I shop at for my work outfits to get the most bang for my buck:

  • Saks off the fifth – Blazers and tops, for a fraction of the cost!
  • H&M – slacks, these are comfy and affordable, cropped ones are around $25!
  • Forever 21 – jewelry,  I love the statement necklaces here to spruce up your wardrobe.
  • Nordstrom Rack – blouses, nothing screams business than a chiffon top.
  • Marshall’s/Ross/TJ Maxx- heels & flats, if you’re going to be wearing shoes all day invest in some quality flats.

These are just some places I like to shop at for my work outfits. Where do you like to shop? Comment below and let me know!

So I am a college graduate with student loans and responsibilities. Nobody told you how to tackle on this thing called life while you’re in college, and you kind of just have to wing it as the days go by.

A question I get often is, where did you get that purse? Or that top? Wasn’t it expensive? My answer is no.

Some tips for looking top notch with a low budget:

  • Never purchase anything at full retail price. There are TONS of sites you can find deals, just google search the items that you’re in desire need of. Also check sale racks, and shop at outlet malls instead of the actual shop.
  • Pair expensive with cheap. You don’t need to have everything designer. A few here and there will do the job just fine. For example: I paired a $200 theory blazer with $30 H&M slacks and $50 Tory Burch flats I purchased on a resale website.
  • Get to know your body. Only you know your own insecurities, I’m advising to acknowledge these insecurities and accept them. Then take the parts of you that you love about yourself and accentuate them! Love your shoulders? Purchase some off the shoulder tops! If you got it flaunt it girl! I have some available for purchase here.
  • Take care of your things and most importantly yourself! It’s easy to compare yourself to the girl on instagram who just posted her flawless bod on the beach on some exotic island, but that’s not you! You are your own beautiful human being and you’re doing great with what you have now. So love the person you are, and keep these tips in mind when you’re scrolling through social media and hating the fact that you don’t have what they have.

Happy hump day my fellow bloggers!

I just wanted to give some insight on Poshmark and how I found success with the lovely app and how you too could make some quick cash! The app is available in your smart phone App Store and its free!

Now clean out your closet! My rule of thumb is, if you don’t remember the last time you wore it, it’s probably safe to say you need to let it go!

  • Take good pictures of the items. Front, back, any flaws, etc. I suggest taking your own photos to give your closet personality, YOU!
  • Be sure to give a detailed description of the item, and be truthful! Poshmark does not process returns but your customers can open up cases in regards to their purchases if you decide to screw them over on anything. (This is horrible for your closet and bad PR!)
  • Follow, follow, follow, grow your shopping network!! You might find some inspiration or even some things you want to buy yourself!
  • Sharing is caring! Share your own items, and share others. They might be generous enough to share your stuff too!
  • Customize your shipments! The dollar store has tissue paper and ribbon to wrap your stuff at great prices! And if you’re feeling cute get some card stock to write cute thank you notes to your customers! Personalize your sales to get satisfied repeat customers!
  • Social media! Connect to every social media account you have.

These are just a few things I do to boost my Poshmark and generate sales. I hope it works out for you too!

If you have any questions or pointers for me comment below!

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This weekend I got to check out Earth Day at Alameda Park in Santa Barbara, California. It was a warm weekend to say the least. Ross and I explored the park, full of fun events and great information about global warming, the climate, and our current political influences on the world.

Get the look:

Distressed pant overalls- Forever 21 $34.90
Look alike Birkenstocks- Target $24.99
White tank crop top- Brandy Melville $19.99
Reflecting sunnies- $5.99 via Poshmark

Total Cost for this look- around $80