Fall Haul 2019

Watch my new YouTube video of the Fall Haul 2019. If you’re in Colorado like me, Fall was a whole 2 days and then we saw snow. So I guess I’m a little late posting this! Watch my video above or continue reading about the stuff I got for the fall.

This fall I am all about animal prints and neutrals with pops of yellows, oranges, and burnt reds.

Collectively this haul cost a few hundred dollars and I did purchase things over a course of a few months. The brands I’ve showcased in this video are: Vici Collection, Target, Aritizia, Nordstrom (Topshop), and H&M. (I swore to myself that I’d never shop at H&M again due to poor customer service, so forgive me for not living up to my word).

Snake print mini backpack from Target

For starters, Target has THE BEST clothes for basics. They also are very affordable and not a terribly cheap material. The basic tees are a key staple item for layering for the fall, and they typically range from $10-$20. WHAT A STEAL. I got the cutest mini backpack that is a matte black color with details of snake print. I mainly bought this because #1 mini backpacks are a thing these days and #2 I’m going to Disneyland for my birthday!!! The back pack was $27.99 which is pretty affordable given the price of handbags and backpacks these days. I know I won’t use this everyday so it should remain in good condition for most of its life.

I also got this leopard print belt (I believe that is what the print is). Adding a belt whether it’s a print or color really brings together an outfit. And typically belts are cheap. So try incorporating them in your wardrobe more! This belt was $14.99? You can purchase it here.

The next thing I got was, yes you guessed it, another animal print item! I got this cute wallet because I was in desperate need for a new one. I am unsure of what kind of print this is though, maybe a leopard print? Polka dots? Lol. This wallet is a trifold wallet with a coin pocket and room for all of your cards. This was $15.99, you can purchase that here.

Lastly, I got this hoodie/pullover in a cute nude color. It has lowkey a turtle neck look, the slit and the high low in the back is what sold me. I was in need of a “yeezy” color sweatshirt, but I didn’t want to purchase one at a yeezy price. This one also is more stylish then your basic hoodie. Target carries various brands, and this hoodie in particular was from Ava + Viv. I got this in size X in the plus size. I typically purchase things a size bigger as I enjoy loose fitting clothes for comfort and style.

The next company on this list is H&M. The back story as to why I didn’t want to shop here is basically that I got a discount on my original purchase for donating clothes, when I originally purchased the wrong size and wanted to exchange for a different size the woman working told me I had to pay the difference now. I’ve worked in retail before and know that this isn’t true and it should be an even exchange. I told the woman to give me my clothes back and then went to a different H&M and they exchanged the item as normal! Anyways…

I got these hair pins to wear as a statement item to really bring your outfit together. They were around $10 and have various sizes and colors from leopard print to pearls to diamonds. If you haven’t seen on social media yet, hair clips are IN. I also got this cute yellow polka dot scrunchie to spruce up some outfits.

Next from H&M I got some palazzo pants. These most definitely would be best to wear on the warmer days as they are a more sheer material. I just loved the pinstripes with that same yellow tone. Andddd you can never go wrong with some black palazzo pants.

The next brand that I purchased from is Aritzia. I think that I have found my new favorite store. Besides their pricing being on the higher end, their customer service is great, the clothing material is great, and the style is even better. I purchased a maxi skirt and bodysuit for a baby shower I attended. Although the set I purchased wouldn’t do well in the Fall, I can always wear a sweater with the maxi skirt, or wear a cardigan over my bodysuit. So I think these were great staple items to have. The bodysuit was $48 and the skirt was $98. Also, this burnt red color is the color for fall!

Lastly, I stopped in Nordstrom and shopped their Topshop collection. I got this bodysuit to wear with the skirt just in case it was too chilly. I didn’t end up wearing it as it was like 80 degrees in California, but I decided to keep it as I plan on wearing it out one day!

Like I previously said, I know Fall is almost over and it’ll be snow jacket season before we know it. Stay tuned, I’ll come at you with a Winter haul soon. Thanks for reading, as always, be sure to keep up with me on Instagram and if you like my style be sure to check out my boutique closet for brand new items, and my used personal closet for my preloved items!

If you liked my video give it a thumbs up, and feel free to subscribe and drop a comment 🙂


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