The Ultimate Guide to Poshmark – Creating your account

This is blogpost #2 of The Ultimate Guide to Poshmark. Todays topic is creating your account and how you can set up your account to get maximum exposure.

For the next couple of weeks I will be posting step by step instructions on how you can generate extra income using the clothes and home goods that no longer serve purpose in your life using the app Poshmark! Poshmark is a place for buying and selling clothes, shoes, accessories and home goods.

You will need to download Poshmark in your App Store of your smart phone if you haven’t already done so! You also can sign up online using your laptop or desktop. Please note that this guide was written based off of using an iphone and the app.

The sign up page will ask you your information, email and a picture! You will want to add a picture of yourself that is clear, or a picture of your logo of your shop! Be sure not to skip this step as a picture is important to know who the buyer is purchasing from, and this essentially builds credibility for your business.

I recommend taking some time to think of a creative name for your closet. This should be something that embodies you and your brand. I’ve seen people use their instagram name to build off of their personal brand, and I’ve also seen people come up with creative “storefront” names. It depends on what you plan to sell so this decision is ultimately up to you. Shopify has a really cool business name generator where you can type in the name or idea you have, and Shopify will generate 100 business names with that name in it. For this guide, I have created the account Revamped Jeans because I love to find vintage thrifted jeans and give them some love!

After you have completed the first steps, Poshmark will ask you to complete your profile. These next few steps are pretty self explanatory and easy to walk through. You will be asked your sizes, your zip code, etc. You also will be asked to follow brands, following brands will show up on your newsfeed! This part is 100% optional, but I highly recommend entering this information so that your account is tailored to you!

Upon completion of the steps outlined above, you will see the Poshmark dashboard. This is where things can get a little overwhelming for folks who just got started with Poshmark. So if you do need further assistance finding anything, please feel free to comment down below or personally email me at

This next step is crucial as there are additional steps to take that Poshmark does not ask you to fill out in order to complete your account to optimize seller exposure. The final steps to completing your account is to add a bio, and connect your social media accounts.

You will want to add a bio to gain trust, this can be done by editing your profile, you will click “Edit Profile” on your closet main page. You should add your location and college as this will connect you with the people in your area and the people you went to school with. This is also where you can insert your own website. For me, I have added my personal instagram account as my website to plug my personal brand. The section labeled “my info” is essentially a bio, I would utilize this to have a bio about your closet, for example:

  • Same day or next day shipping!
  • Offers welcome!
  • Mens and Women’s clothing!
  • Your Personal Stylist!

That way when someone goes to check out your store, they have some insight into what kind of closet you have. This section only allows your a limited number of characters so keep it short and sweet. Also, don’t worry about adding anything about yourself in this section as we will discuss where to add your own about me in the next section.

Poshmark will also create a “Meet the Posher” listing that will automatically list the brands that you are interested in. I suggest editing this listing to explain a little bit more about yourself and where to find you on other social media networks. You also can add a few pictures of yourself so your followers can get a feel of who they are buying from. I personally like to bring my brand to life with showcasing my personality as much as possible.

Now you will want to make sure that you have your social media accounts connected to your account so that when you upload new items, it is shared across all platforms! More exposure = More sales!

You will click on your main account page, and click on Sharing Settings. This will bring a list of social media accounts you can connect to. Then when you list items, you will have the option to share your new listings to your social media accounts for more exposure. I also recommend selecting “search visibility” that way people can search on Google for items and your closet can possibly show up on the landing page of their search.

Now that we have your account set up. We will want to start listing items! My next blogpost will be a continuation of The Ultimate Guide, along with step by step instructions on how to make the perfect listing, from photos to description!

Thanks for reading! If you have any tips and tricks, please feel free to comment below or shoot me an email at

As always, be sure to follow me on Instagram @fwithjess and find me on Youtube by searching “fwithjess”.

Have a great weekend fam!

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