The Ultimate Guide to Poshmark – My Journey

For the next couple of weeks I will be posting step by step instructions on how you can generate extra income using the clothes and home goods that no longer serve purpose in your life! This specific blogpost is an introduction to Poshmark, and my own personal journey.

Poshmark is a platform where you can buy and sell clothes, shoes, accessories and now home goods! The platform could possibly be considered a social media platform as well as I have gotten the chance to connect with some of the individuals on Poshmark! It’s essentially a little community! Poshmark also holds fun events both small and large such as the Posh Party Live and PoshFest for Poshers to connect!

To tell you a little bit about myself, I started my journey with Poshmark in August 2013, and the app/platform was founded in 2011! So yes, I jumped on the platform when it was still in its younger stages. The first purchase I made was an iPhone case (in 2013), and the first sale I made was a pair of sunglasses (in 2015). So, I had joined early but did not begin to actually sell items until 2015! After my first sale, I was immediately addicted to this concept of being able to sell the things I no longer loved anymore and trade it for cash. This was the beginning of my “side hustle”.

After generating revenue off of the clothes from my closet, I re-invested the money and purchased wholesale! This allowed me to shop for myself while also making a profit. Making money on Poshmark by purchasing wholesale can be a little tough as your prices need to be a little higher in order for you to generate a profit. This however, is a story for another day!

Since my beginnings with Poshmark, I have generated 5 figure income along the way. This has helped not only support my shopping addiction, it has also assisted with saving for an “emergency fund” and helping me pay off debt! I wanted to create this guide to help others generate additional income and crack the myths behind selling on Poshmark. 

If you continue to follow my blogposts, I will lay out for you how you can create a Poshmark Closet that will generate sales and help you out financially! The next blogpost we will go over creating your account and getting started with your first listings!

If you are a #PoshBoss and want to share your closet or share your personal tips and tricks, feel free to comment down below!

As always, thank you for reading. Be sure to check out MY CLOSET. And be sure that you are following me on Instagram and subscribed on YouTube so you don’t miss anything from me!


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