What do you think of entrepreneurship?

Has this word been tossed around too much in this era? Almost everyone is a #entrepreneur these days, yet can’t even spell the word correctly. LOL. Let me give you my two cents and when and where I got started.

I have always had the entrepreneur spirit, and since I was a little girl I have always thought of ways to make money. It’s a simple concept really, provide value in some way and get people to pay you for it. Boom. Supply and demand.

The first time I ever ran a business I was the girl with the lemonade stand on the corner of Silverado Avenue in Merced, California with my little sister as my first business partner. I was so fascinated that I was able to exchange a good for money. It wasn’t like I was trying to get rich, I just really enjoyed being able to help the thirsty people passing by.

I had other business ventures growing up, I made bracelets with my sister called “Buddy Bands” and sold them at Yard Sales. I took my old toys and had my own Yard Sale and tried to sell my old toys to the kids in my neighborhood. I tried going door to door offering dog walking services in order to raise money for a soccer camp that I never got to go to.

It wasn’t until middle school that I finally grasped the concept of hustling. I remember “Kory the Candy Kid” would sell candy to all of the other kids in class. He sold the types of candy that I personally did not like. I also understood that what he was selling cost less at the grocery store and if you bought it in bulk, it was cheaper, and this is what increases your margins. So I went to the store with my saved up lunch money and bought the good pack of name brand candies and took them to school the next day. I’m sure he wasn’t happy he had competition, and a few weeks later we both got in trouble and had to stop selling in class. Nonetheless, I learned a lot about sales and marketing, and I even made enough money to get the soccer cleats I really wanted.

Flash forward, years later, and I am in my 20’s and I am flipping clothes on reseller platforms like Poshmark, Ebay, and Depop. So does this make me an entrepreneur? I’m not sure I’ve tasted enough to call myself one. But I do think that this spirit is something that you are born with, just like some of us aren’t born to dance or sing, but it can be learned. I think that at the end of the day, the people who are real entrepreneurs will come out on top. And once this era of it being cool to call yourself one ends, we will all know who they are.

What makes an entrepreneur? I’d love to know your thoughts.

As always, follow me on Instragram and YouTube. Thanks for reading.

Xoxo Jess

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