Goddess Provisions Subscription Box Review – August 2019

When I speak my truth in a loving and compassionate way, my words are fully received and welcomed.

The Goddess Box is a $33 per month subscription box. The box I am reviewing is the August 2019 box, valued at about $300, that also included a Voice Activation Class that is valued around $194!

Now on to the review of these products in this box. The book, LITTLE BIT OF MANTRAS BY LILY CUSHMAN is an introduction to mantras which is the sharing of sacred words, phrases, and sounds that can balance emotions and elevate consciousness. The book touches upon the origins of mantras and how to tailor your mantras to fit your meditation needs. I grasped from the book that mantras don’t necessarily need to be the repeating of words like “hum” or “om” but also can be affirmations to get you through your days, weeks, etc. I love the idea of affirmations as quotes and positivity but I don’t think I will be meditating and practicing my “oms”. And in case you were wondering, the intro song on my video is Om by Hippie Sabotage (one of my fav artists). I definitely recommend checking them out.

The singing bowl was also something new for me. I actually did a ton of research on how to use it, via watching other YouTubers use their own singing bowls. If you watch my video I show you how I learned to use it. I think it is calming, and you get to focus on the vibration and sounds you are creating. It helps to focus on one action whilst not worrying about outside troubles. I use my singing bowl daily and have incorporated it into my nightly routine.

Angelite stone was also in the box. Angelite is known to ease vibrational shifts during spiritual ascension, this stone’s soothing energy supports the throat chakra and facilitates clear communication with your higher self, your angels and others. I have followed many celebrities who have advocated crystals and rocks and the energy that you should feel from them. Some may say this is not true and there are “scientific studies” that prove that it is all fake, nonetheless, they’re pretty to look at and I keep them in my workspace to at least make me think there are good vibes present.

Next we have the tuning fork. This was another new tool that I have never heard of. People often use the fork to help release tension and energy and promote emotional balance. This was very interesting for me to learn about and I still am not sure how to properly use it. (Forgive me.)

The stress roller by blueflower, is another great product that I keep at work. Whenever I am stressed the warm notes of bergamot, orange, lavender, vetiver, and vanilla, calls you back to your center so you can express your truth with clarity. It really does smell lovely and that alone helps me to relax a tad bit. Lauren Schultz created this company and I did some research on her, and she is a #GIRLBOSS. And I am always, always, always here to support my fellow girl bosses.

Lastly, we have the MEDICINA PACHAMAMA INNER VOICE ESSENCE tincture. This flower essence carries the vibrational pattern of three bold blossoms including elephant tree, star tulip and Indian paintbrush. I love using the tincture before I write to help with my writing and channel my inner voice.

To wrap up this review, I think that the Goddess Box is great for the spiritual new age goddesses. I was intrigued by the company when I saw the astrology box they came out with earlier this year, as I am a DIE HARD SCORPIO. But for someone who is not familiar with some of these items, this may not be the best subscription box for you. But if you are an open minded, nomadic, free spirit like me, you should definitely check them out.

For me, this box has given me the courage to branch out to try new things and I am very grateful for the opportunity. Thanks to everyone at the Goddess Box for making this happen.

GET YOUR OWN BOX HERE: http://caurl.co/r/q0oxr/8l17 It’s a new monthly box with tools to nourish your inner goddess and grow your spiritual practice.

As always, thanks for reading and making it this far. Be sure to follow me on instagram @fwithjess. And like, comment and subscribe to my YouTube channel. The video for this blogpost is up above! 🙂

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