My Summer Round Up


This shoot was inspired by Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado.Styled by Jess. Models: Ellie Norkina and Devon Williams. Photography: Bryan Ralphs.

I wanted to create a bohemian look for this shoot to show off the bohemian, festival vibes with all of the clothing from my boutique, to shop some of these looks, click here.

As we slowly come to an end on our summer breaks, I wanted to round up and break down all the trends we’ve set this summer.

  1. Bell sleeved tops bell sleeves, bell bottoms, so boho!)
  2. Booties with shorts what a better way to survive walking around a festival then daisy dukes and some comfortable boots?!
  3. Hats this is literally the most simple accessory that drastically changes an outfit.
  4. Straw handbags perfect for a beach day.
  5. Colored sunglasses pink, yellow, green clear sunglasses, yasssss
  6. Tiny sunglasses you know like the Johnny Bravo ones?!
  7. Prints I feel like prints are always a good idea in summer.
  8. Layered gold necklaces pendants and chains baby.
  9. Any denim piece from Levi’s
  10. Linen dresses, tops, shorts, skirts. The one’s with buttons are to die for too.

Of course, there are many more things that I could add to this list, we all know summer dresses are a must have for the summer time (duh). Slide on sandals have become more popular as well, Birkenstocks for example are a thing again/still. I feel that summer is all about simplicity and minimalism since it is a lot warmer than usual. We are wearing our clothes a little baggier and our hair a little messier. Comfy is sexy right?!

So there you have a quick round up of my summer trends, what are some trends you’ve been noticing that I forgot to mention?!

I’d love to hear from you!

Also, let me know if you liked the shoot I coordinated and if you think I should do more of these!

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