My top 5 thrifting/reselling tips

Thrifting for me has basically been a family tradition, I remember being dragged to thrift stores and yard sales as a kid. I didn’t start to appreciate thrifting until recently, where I realized I not only was doing something that was nostalgic, but I was making money off of it.


Reselling clothing and thrifting have become so popular these days with companies such as poshmark and depop and of course eBay that make it so easy for you to snap photos of your thrift finds or old clothes and sell them to someone who will love and appreciate the item, and you may make a quick buck. Like they say if you have to invest $1 to make $2, do it. BUT there is a method to this madness. You can’t just go to the thrift store and pick up a bunch of stuff and expect to get a return on your investment just like that. (Well, you probably could but I’m not sure how profitable you’ll be).

This video gives you some pointers, but I wanted to break it down a little more in depth for you thrifting queens/kings!

  1. Own your style. What I mean by this is, stay true to YOU and YOUR STYLE. People are going to notice when you try too hard or try to sell things that you would never wear. The best part of fashion is being able to express yourself. Find your niche, and stick with it.
  2. Know current trends. Knowing current trends will make your thrift store visits easier because you will know what areas you should be looking in! We all know that the thrift store usually has TONS of stuff that you never even knew existed. So ask yourself these questions: What time of the year is it? Is it summer? If it is, your shop or your closet should be full of summer items. You should be looking in the swim, the blouses, the skirts, the dresses at the thrift shop. Is the 70s hippie look in style? Are people in festival season and wanting fringe and fanny packs? These are all questions you should be thinking about!
  3. Interact on whatever platform you are using to increase traffic. More traffic= more sales. Poshmark sharing get you exposed to other poshers, this is where you can repost other people’s clothing items and share them to your followers. Usually if you share something in someones closet, it is common courtesy that they return the favor.  Following others on Depop can get you exposure. Having the best titles and keywords on Ebay will get you exposure. Also having multiple listings on all of these will get you more exposure. So in simpler terms you should be doing the following on these platforms:
    • Follow people, show everyone who you are.
    • Share listings, like listings
    • Comment on listings, make friends and network over these platforms!
  4. Take clear and many photos of your items. You also should make sure you are being as descriptive as possible when describing your items. Nobody wants a pissed off customer! This way you will deliver great customer service to your customers and gain retention!
  5. HAVE FUN. So cliche right? But #1 and #5 are probably the most important advice I could give you. If you are having fun throughout this process you will see yourself loving what you are doing. Who knows, maybe one day you can make it a full time job.


So there you have it. My tips and tricks for being a successful thrifter/reseller. I hope you learned a few things! I would love for you to contact me with any of your thrifting/reselling tips or questions! Thank you for reading!

Want to check out my thrifting and reselling stores? Here are my accounts:
Poshmark Closet
Depop Shop

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