I love you, you, and you.

Hello everyone who will eventually read this.

I wanted to write you all to tell you that I appreciate you. I appreciate you so much that you take time out of your busy life just to read some stupid post that I posted, or watch a stupid video I posted. You are appreciated, you are loved, you are awesome, you are everything to me!

I feel that this is what is wrong with the world these days (meaning other bloggers, youtubers, etc). They don’t support the people who love them and who have made them who they are today. And why not???? They feel that they are better than you and I, they feel they are too good to reply, too good to follow back, when WE are the reason they are who they are today. For example, I know someone from college who recently made a YouTube channel yet unfollowed me on all social media accounts. I ask myself why? why would you unfollow someone who is supporting you and your hustle? You just lost yourself someone who had faith in you and your channel. & that, that is not winning, that is selfishness. Your audience is the most important.

I am writing you all today to tell you that I appreciate every subscribe I get, every follow I get, every DM, every subscription to my blog (yes, I see when you input your email to my website) and I LOVE it. I LOVE you all, and without you, I would not exist.

Today I felt so horrible, I decided to livestream about it. Yes, I wanted to vent to YOU GUYS. And that, I believe is the most awesomest thing ever, that I can feel comfortable telling my problems to you guys; and I hope you feel that way too. You all are basically my family now.

I thank you all for your love and support, and I hope you continue to follow this journey I am creating for myself.

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