How to cope: Anxiety & Depression


I posted this video a couple weeks ago, mainly to talk about where I have been, and what has been going on in my life. I wanted to write this to let everyone know about my current progress on my own mental health.


I’m not okay right now. My therapist that I had been seeing since I was 18 has out of nowhere stopped her practice, and left me, and I’m sure a whole bunch of other patients to figure it out themselves.


So you’re probably thinking somewhere along the lines of, “Find a new Doctor.” or “Why didn’t she give you notice about this?” or “How selfish of her.” But did you ever think, maybe she was going to give me notice when I had to cancel my last visit. Maybe she had her own problems going on in her personal life that interfered with her profession. Maybe it isn’t easy finding a new therapist like it is finding your new dentist.


I told my friends and family the situation. Only to hear the same stuff.


But did you ask me how I was doing?


I am now on the fourth day of withdrawals from my antidepressants.


I can’t think. My body shakes with every step I take. I’ve thrown up everything I can get in my system.


But, this isn’t a cry for help. This isn’t a way to seek attention. It is a way for me to cope. It is a way for me to educate others on how to deal with someone who is going through this same thing. It is a way for me to tell you, that I am not sorry for myself, that I am stronger than my mental illnesses.


Surprisingly I am doing better than I could ever imagine. To people who deal with depression and anxiety, remember that what you feed your mind is an ultimate reflection of you.


How I have been coping with my depression and anxiety:

  • Write yourself a letter. Seriously. This may seem cheesy and weird talking to yourself, but this will be your little reminder that everything will be okay. I keep this letter in my purse with me so I have it wherever I go.
  • Quotes. Again this may seem cheesy, but I feel like quotes are inspiring. Positive quotes = a positive mindset.
  • Essential oils. Go online and get a cheap diffuser/humidifier and some essential oils. Like I said, what you feed your mind is very important. Feed your mind with the different benefits of different essential oils. For example, peppermint and frankincense are great for calming anxiety.
  • Eat right. I know, you’re depressed and nothing sounds better than your bed and a tub of ice cream. DON’T FALL for this cliche stereotype of depression! Make yourself a smoothie with fresh ingredients! Your body will thank you later for this.
  • Get up. That’s right. Get up. Doesn’t matter what you are doing just get the hell up. Clean your house, take your fur babies for a walk. Do anything but lay in bed, that way you can keep your mind off everything.
  • Find new hobbies. I used to think that going out and getting wasted was considered a fun time. Now I am taking up new hobbies. If you are in to arts and crafts, try going to your local Hobby Lobby and seeing what cool craft projects you can take up. I’m currently starting calligraphy and handwriting. I also have been getting in to ASMR and meditation. (Youtube this stuff, its great for falling asleep!)
  • If you are depressed or anxious for one particular reason, do not bottle it down. Do not overthink it. Try to shift your mindset and dissect the problem so that you can overcome this feeling. Find the root, pull that sucker out, and change you and your life for the better. 



How do you cope with your problems? Please feel free to share your thoughts and/or any quotes you feel are relevant to this topic. I’d love to hear your feedback.

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