Why your business needs more millennials 

How many of you work for a company that has been in business for over five years? What about over 10 years? Do you know who is head of your marketing department? What about your management team? Chances are your processes are a tad bit outdated and it’s time for some new ideas.

This is one main reason why you need to hire more millennials. We have better ideas. Our ideas aren’t entirely better, but they are going to be more innovative, efficient, and fresh. We have a good understanding of what’s going on in the world, our goal isn’t to F it up any more than it already is. You can trust us.

Not only do we have better ideas, we were born and raised using electronic devices. Sorry to break it to you gram and gramps, we do know it all. All it takes is a simple “hey Siri” and we have every answer at our finger tips. Even if it isn’t something a quick google search can answer, we will find the answer, because we are problem solvers. 

Besides our knowledge of technology, we know what our generation wants. We were raised on notification updates on our smartphones with the latest fashion trends, cars, and vacations. We want it all. Making us millennials the target market for all sorts of crap. What if your sales and marketing team was your target market? Read this relatable post I found on LinkedIn.



Overall, we are well rounded. We have seen what you guys have done to our world, now let us take over and get a chance to improve our own future.

So think twice before you turn down the job offer to some “kid” with little experience. He may not be so great on paper, but performance wise, he might surprise you.







** I say “we” assuming the opinions of my fellow millennials, this is just an assumption and does not reflect the opinion of us all.


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