Why I’m moving to Colorado. 

“When it feels scary to jump, that’s exactly when you jump. Otherwise you end up staying in the same place your whole life. And that I can’t do.”

I have no idea where I found this quote, but when people ask me why are you moving out of state? What made you pick Denver? This quote comes in mind.

I have lived in California for the past 23 years. San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Sacramento, Fresno, Paso Robles, Los Angeles, you name it, I have visited.

I currently live in Santa Barbara, California. You probably are thinking what? Why would you want to move from one of the most beautiful cities in California? I’ll tell you why: I am a college graduate with a shit ton of student loan debt. I can’t afford this place. I’m living paycheck to paycheck and working a job I bust my ass off just to pay rent. So you’re probably saying well why don’t you just move to a cheaper area in California? Because like I have said, I’ve seen it all. It’s time for me to jump. 

So why Colorado? My occupation allows me to come into contact with many different people from all sorts of different backgrounds and cultures. I often asked people their opinions on other states, where they have traveled, etc. Denver in particular sparked my interest for a few reasons. One of them being the obvious, they were the first state to legalize marijuana. Another being that it is not too far away from Cali should I need to run back home to mom. Another being that it is sunny almost 300 days of the year. Also I want to feel the seasons. I want to freeze my ass off. I want to explore the mountains and pick up snowboarding. I want to find happiness and adventure in another state!!! Denver has called me and they told me to jump.
This week I will be on my excursion to Colorado. It is a 16 hour drive from SB to Denver and my boyfriend and our two cats are taking my 2011 Honda Accord and a cargo van and trekking it. I will be recording the entire trip so that you guys will be able to see my adventures and I am so excited to share it with you guys!! Follow me on social media, subscribe, bookmark me, everything to keep in touch!!

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