A girl walks into a barre

I am so excited to tell you guys about my first experience at Barre3 in Santa Barbara, California! I have been a Yelp Elite member for a few months and I finally got to attend my first Yelp event! It started with a quick sign up, about an hour or so workout, followed by goodies from Honey B Santa Barbara and Swell Foods. Thanks to the gals at Barre3 and Santa Barbara’s Yelp Brand Ambassador Dani, they were able to throw such an awesome event!

So what exactly is barre? I wasn’t sure what to expect either. Well for starters, barre’s are used in ballet, so yes there is usage of bars in this workout. I would throw out any presumptions you may have, because barre is nothing like the yoga or zumba class you attended last week. According to barreonline.com barre is “about the physical as well as the aesthetic benefits of lengthening muscles, while strengthening them”. With that being said, you can’t really describe what exactly it is until you try it. I highly recommend taking a barre class to find out for yourself! Being someone who has played sports, this was a nice change to really challenge you and test your strengths without the dangers of lifting weights and playing contact sports. You also will work muscles you have never worked out before! I challenge everyone who does crossfit and HIIT to take a barre class at least once!

Still confused what Barre is? Here are some photos from our Yelp event to give you a better idea!


Have you ever done a barre workout? How did you like it? Join me on twitter or comment below with your fitness stories!

One comment

  1. oh my fudge Love the new look girlll. Your blog experience give me all the feels. This is #goals. referring to the blog look and feel since I last visited.
    I have never heard of barre before. I was surprise to see that we have quite a few in south Africa. Will give his a go if I have the chance. Great post! xoxo T


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