Sayonara Santa Barbara 

For the past year I have had the privilege to live in the beautiful and perfect city of Santa Barbara. I have laughed until I cried and cried until I laughed in this town, but I can honestly say that it is now time for me to move on from SB and create new adventures and learn more new things about myself.

Santa Barbara is a town made up of retirees and college students. There is no in between. I have learned while living here that I am no longer a young carefree college girl, that I need to move on from that binge drinking and partying chapter of my life. I also learned that these elderly people that are ever so fortunate to live here either came up in old money or worked very hard throughout their lives in order to get to where they are now. This motivated me the most.

I have made the decision to move on from this town to bigger and better cities where I can focus on my future and my dreams. I thank you SB for being the best city to live in through my transitionary stage of being a college kid to a young adult. It has motivated me, humbled me, and showed me new experiences.

Although I have only lived here for a year, I wanted to put together my list of things to do in Santa Barbara (or your future bucket list).

  1. Tour Mission Santa Barbara
  2. Tour the Art Museum on State Street
  3. Wine tasting in the Funkzone 
  4. Tour the Santa Barbara Courthouse
  5. Attend Fiesta Days (Mid August parade)
  6. Attend Summer Solstice (Mid June parade)
  7. Hike Inspiration Point 
  8. Watch the Sunrise on East Beach
  9. Go paddle boarding or kayaking
  10. Shop and eat down State Street (Blenders!)
  11. Go bar hopping to all the local breweries (Fig Mountain!)
  12. Eat pizza at Woodstocks in Isla Vista
  13. Eat brunch at The Belmond El Encanto
  14. Visit the danish town Solvang
  15. Gamble at Chumash Casino
  16. Eat on the beach at Shoreline Cafe
  17. Attend a concert or play at the Arlington or Lobero theatre
  18. Relax on Butterfly beach in Montecito
  19. See Oprah’s house and all the other beautiful homes in Montecito
  20. Take an outdoor fitness class 


Thank you Santa Barbara for being a part of my life. Now on to the next chapter! Want to know where I’m moving to? Stay tuned and read my next blogposts about my next move. Comment below if you have any favorite places in SB I need to check out before I leave, or if you have any questions for me! XOXO


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