Loving yourself completely, and meaning it. 

Often I realize that people can get offended really easily when you have a different point of view than them. I wanted to write about how it is so important to love yourself that you have the confidence to say what it is you think without caring that it may or may not offend someone. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. The diversity in America is what makes America, America. Here are my tips and advice of loving yourself, and actually meaning it when you say you love yourself.

  • Accept your flaws. Yes, every single one of them. That crooked tooth? That ugly scar on your forehead? Yeah. Take that and accept it. What can you change now? Nothing, unless you want to pay for it.. and there is probably a million other things you can buy with that money.
  • Wear what you want to wear. If you feel sexy in that skirt, wear it. I believe in the phrase “look good feel good” and I want you to be able to wear whatever you want and not being afraid to wear it!
  • Do not compare yourselves to others. They have a whole different life than you, with a whole bunch of different battles! Not everything is what it seems.
  • Surround yourself with people who uplift you. The last thing you need is someone negative in your ear that probably just isn’t happy with themselves. Cut the negative people out, surround yourself with loved ones who believe in you.
  • Focus on the moment and everything around you, rather than worrying about the future or the past in which you cannot change. We are often too busy worrying about the future to appreciate the present and the happiness around us.
  • Put aside “me time”. It’s okay to be selfish and focus on something you want to do or accomplish. You are the most important person in your life whether you think that way or not. It’s okay to pamper to yourself to get your mental health together.

What do you do for yourself? Have you taken time out of your day to be happy with what you have right now and love everything about it? Let me know! Talk to me! Comment below.

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