Say yes to the dress: Live, Love, Lavender

If you haven’t attended five weddings yet this summer, you’re probably planning to pretty soon and you’re thinking, “What on earth do I wear?!” You probably have texted everyone who is going asking for ideas which landed you back at square one.

Here are my tips and pointers on figuring out what to wear.


  • Find out if it is indoors or outdoors I feel like outdoor venues are a bit more casual then indoors letting you get away with prints, two piece sets, and dark colors.
  • Find out what everyone else is wearing. This way you now know what the venue will be like and how your friends will be dressing.
  • Know what colors look great on you. Stay away from neon colors. Black and dark colors are okay depending on your style. Lavender, pinks, yellows, blues, light colors are always safe.
  • Know what flatters your body. Skipped the gym a few days? ..or months… wear a loose fitting dress. Too much skin is too much but you definitely can get away with shoulders or leg action.
  • Nude heels go with everything! They also could be worn dressed up or casual! You basically can’t go wrong with nude heels.
  • Be confident at the end of the day all that matters is what you think. If you feel great in that tight dress, then wear it! After all, LOOK GOOD FEEL GOOD. And trust me girl, that shows.


The main reason I posted this is because I myself can’t pick which dress to where! Comment below and let me know your opinions on dresses, weddings, and cultures. So which dress did I end up wearing to the wedding? Stay tuned and find out why I wore that dress!

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