The 70s: History repeats itself

As summer approaches I wanted to put a highlight on my inspiration for my outfits this summer and what kinds of items you will be seeing on my online boutique! As you have heard the phrase “history repeats itself” I think it’s applicable to the trends we see as well. My grandma was my inspiration for this post too because she used to be such a style icon in the 70’s from what I’ve seen in past photos! (Now I know where I get my love for fashion from!) As you see above, floral print was in. She also layered items as well! (Not sure if they’re overalls in the left picture). I actually pulled these photos from my mom and aunt who had these great pictures of my grandma, and they are the two twins in the photo to the right! I have also seen her in photos with adorable A-line floral dresses and boots! Thank you grammy for being such an inspiration to me!




Now take a look at today’s fashion industry and some recent styles that are 70s inspiration! Maybe some outfits and items you’ll see this summer! Here is a list of 70’s fashion items that I feel are the latest and greatest trend this summer.

  • Bell bottoms
  • Bell sleeves tops
  • Tie tops
  • Floral prints
  • Neutral colors: browns,reds,oranges
  • Denim skirts
  • Flared skirts
  • Platform heels
  • Button up blouses
  • High waisted bottoms

Don’t know where to purchase these items from? Visit my boutique for some ideas!

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