The Classy & Chic Bohemian

With all these trends and styles coming in and out of our fashion scene, who do you look to for inspiration for your next outfit? I personally dress according to my feelings for that day, or by what event I’m going to. To sum my style up I picked three different women who are in the public eye that I pull inspiration from. For the well rounded woman I introduce to you my personal style, “The Classy & Chic Bohemian”

Jessica Alba @jessicaalba

This woman right here is amazing. You probably know her from the movies she’s been in. But have you heard of the Honest Company? You probably have. And did you know she is the founder of the company? I recommend trying her products if you have a family or just are conscience about certain toxins in products and materials. She is everything I aspire to be, a classy, hard working woman. I look to her for my work outfits and business casual attire. Blazers, slacks, blouses, heels, jewelry, and makeup inspiration!

Stassi Schroeder @stassischroeder

If you knew anything about me you’d probably know that I love brunettes, after all I am a brunette. But Stassi is one of my exceptions. This girl has it all from the sass to the look. I’ve followed vanderpump rules since the very first episode that aired a couple years ago and I’ve watched Stassi grow as I myself have grown. She is inspirational to me not only fashion wise but because of her emotional strength. Here are some of the chic looks from Stassi that I love. Follow her on snap she is very active and posts all of her OOTD!


Kaitlyn Bristowe @kaitlynbristowe

You may know her as the bachelorette from season 11. Like Stassi she has this spunk to her. That California girl attitude where it’s either you like me or you don’t. But most of all I LOVE her style, the beachy bohemian. Cowboy boots, high waisted shorts, destroyed jeans, booties, graphic print t shirts, floral prints. Everything I love!


Of course there are many other women out there that inspire me every day these are just a couple I came up with randomly. Who inspires your outfits? Which trends are you seeing that you love? Comment below & let me know!



**I do not own these photos, they were taken directly from their individual instagram accounts**

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