Working Woman 1 hour workout

Growing up I was an active girl. I played indoor soccer, club soccer, as well as soccer for my high school. I did all of this while balancing my high school personal life..? Thinking about it now it was a piece of cake. Now a days I can’t even get to the gym because I’m exhausted from working 10 hour shifts at the office as well as working on my boutique & blog. So I wanted to come up with my own one hour workout for the working woman. This workout is mainly cardio focused and my routine to maintain my weight.


  • 10 minute warmup- treadmill. I usually walk for 5 to 10 minutes with a resistance of 3 and anywhere from pace 2 to 4. This should be a casual walk/jog.
  • 5 minute stretch. Make sure to stretch all your muscles when they’re warm to keep from injury.
  • 25 minute jog- treadmill. Keep resistance at 3 and level up your pace. For example if you did your warm up at pace 3 you should now be at a pace level of 4 or 5 depending on what you’re comfortable with.
  • 5 minute recover- treadmill. Change your pace back down to what you started with to give you a chance to catch your breath. We’re not done yet!
  • 15 minute abs. My ab workout consists of 6 different sets with reps of 20 each for a total of 120 reps. Each trying to target different areas of your core.
    1. Regular set- hands behind head, bring elbows to knees.
    2. Toe touches- feet straight up in a 90 degree angle, reach for toes making sure your shoulder blades come up off the ground.
    3. Leg throws- laying on back bring legs up to 90 degrees and bring them back down without touching the ground.
    4. Bicycle- bring elbow to opposite knee and switch sides until you have counted to 40, or 20 on one leg.
    5. Full extensions- try pretending you have a ball in your hand, you are going to start laying on your back arms stretched above you. You are going to lift and touch your toes and fully extend out.
    6. Side touches- Laying on your back you are going to prop your legs up heels close to your rear, take your right hand and reach for your right heel tightening your side but keeping your shoulder blades a little elevated from the ground. Repeat on left side.


This is one of my basic workout routines I do before work when I’m in a time crunch and trying to squeeze a workout in. I suggest going at your own pace levels according to your own comfort levels! Always stay hydrated and make sure you’re eating healthy meals!

(**I am no personal trainer or nutritionist**)

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