Caviar taste with a McDonald’s budget 

So I am a college graduate with student loans and responsibilities. Nobody told you how to tackle on this thing called life while you’re in college, and you kind of just have to wing it as the days go by.

A question I get often is, where did you get that purse? Or that top? Wasn’t it expensive? My answer is no.

Some tips for looking top notch with a low budget:

  • Never purchase anything at full retail price. There are TONS of sites you can find deals, just google search the items that you’re in desire need of. Also check sale racks, and shop at outlet malls instead of the actual shop.
  • Pair expensive with cheap. You don’t need to have everything designer. A few here and there will do the job just fine. For example: I paired a $200 theory blazer with $30 H&M slacks and $50 Tory Burch flats I purchased on a resale website.
  • Get to know your body. Only you know your own insecurities, I’m advising to acknowledge these insecurities and accept them. Then take the parts of you that you love about yourself and accentuate them! Love your shoulders? Purchase some off the shoulder tops! If you got it flaunt it girl! I have some available for purchase here.
  • Take care of your things and most importantly yourself! It’s easy to compare yourself to the girl on instagram who just posted her flawless bod on the beach on some exotic island, but that’s not you! You are your own beautiful human being and you’re doing great with what you have now. So love the person you are, and keep these tips in mind when you’re scrolling through social media and hating the fact that you don’t have what they have.

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