An intro to Poshmark

Happy hump day my fellow bloggers!

I just wanted to give some insight on Poshmark and how I found success with the lovely app and how you too could make some quick cash! The app is available in your smart phone App Store and its free!

Now clean out your closet! My rule of thumb is, if you don’t remember the last time you wore it, it’s probably safe to say you need to let it go!

  • Take good pictures of the items. Front, back, any flaws, etc. I suggest taking your own photos to give your closet personality, YOU!
  • Be sure to give a detailed description of the item, and be truthful! Poshmark does not process returns but your customers can open up cases in regards to their purchases if you decide to screw them over on anything. (This is horrible for your closet and bad PR!)
  • Follow, follow, follow, grow your shopping network!! You might find some inspiration or even some things you want to buy yourself!
  • Sharing is caring! Share your own items, and share others. They might be generous enough to share your stuff too!
  • Customize your shipments! The dollar store has tissue paper and ribbon to wrap your stuff at great prices! And if you’re feeling cute get some card stock to write cute thank you notes to your customers! Personalize your sales to get satisfied repeat customers!
  • Social media! Connect to every social media account you have.

These are just a few things I do to boost my Poshmark and generate sales. I hope it works out for you too!

If you have any questions or pointers for me comment below!

Shop my boutique and personal closet here

2 thoughts on “An intro to Poshmark

  1. Thanks for the tips! Any insight on wholesale purchases as boutique retail sales? Where to shop for it, how low to purchase, how to price?

    Where are the overalls from that you have on in one of the posts?



    1. Hey there! Depending on your location do research on the wholesalers in your area. For example there’s a bunch in LA. Make sure you have budgets because it can get pricey as they sell in bulk and you’re paying per unit. I have my own spreadsheet that I’ve constructed in order to price my items.

      The overalls are from forever 21!


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