The reason for my article today is to talk about a subject that is sensitive to most people. It is a pressing issue yet no one wants to talk about it. Maybe because it is a disease that is not necessarily something you can see in a person, kind of like a minor cold. For example, your coworker calls in sick and your first thought might be “well she seemed fine yesterday”. You don’t necessarily see it but I bet your coworker felt like shit.

So, lets talk about depression. 

Many people have different views and definitions of what depression is. According to depression is defined as “a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act.” Now I feel like this definition is spot on, however, most people don’t understand the difference between being sad and having depression.

  • Examples of being sad: your yummy vanilla ice cream dropped on the floor, your dog has passed away, etc.
  • Examples of depression: you can’t get out of bed due to excessive thoughts; physical weakness, activities you typically enjoy are difficult tasks, etc.

Can you tell the difference between both? Sadness comes and goes, it’s a cause and effect. Depression comes and goes as well, but it takes a toll on your life, and sometimes, there is no cause.

Now that we’ve defined depression I wanted to talk about loving someone with depression. I am in no way a doctor, but I have been diagnosed with depression and I have loved somebody with depression. So these are my tips coming from someone who has first hand experience. First off, it’s hard, it takes effort and commitment to love someone who has depression.

  • Give them space. If they want it. This is a battle between your significant other and their own brain.
  • Don’t tell them “just get over it” This isn’t something that you can just get over. Depression could be caused by absolutely nothing. There’s nothing to get over.
  • Love them, a lot. People with depression don’t think rationally sometimes. Sometimes they will need that extra love just to be reminded of another feeling other than sadness.
  • Talk to them about other things. Try to get their mind off everything. Do something they love.
  • Don’t take things personal. I mean this in two different ways. First being that like I said we don’t think rationally sometimes and might say hurtful things because we are hurting ourselves. Secondly, don’t take it personal that your loved one is depressed. It most likely has nothing to do with you. It’s not your fault they are depressed.
  • Don’t give up on them. This is the most important thing. The worst thing you could do is give up on someone who is depressed. Like I said before, it’s hard and it takes commitment to love someone who is depressed. Always remember that the person you love is still that same depressed person, it’s just temporary til they’re them again.

Do you have any tips on loving someone with depression? I’d love to know how you or your loved ones cope with this mental illness and your own experiences! Comment below!

So I recently read an article from W magazine online, about a model answering a whole bunch of beauty and lifestyle questions. It was kind of like those myspace surveys you would post on your little board. This brought me back to the days when I use to create my own Myspace layouts and spent hourssss on the internet. So I wanted to do something similar, but with my answers! Read my Myspace Questionnaire!


Describe your look in three words:

I actually already have a post about this (ironically). Read it here: The Classy & Chic Bohemian

Medicine cabinet snapshot:

For the face: Cetaphil face wash, Aveeno Moisturizer
For the teeth: 3D white toothpaste, charcoal scrub, tooth floss

A good hair day starts with:

Horse shampoo! I SWEAR by this stuff. I also don’t use conditioner but use a Argon/Moroccan oil hair mask. I ALWAYS air dry my hair and NEVER use a blow dryer because of the heat exposure. After its dried I run some frizz free oil/heat protector and then style!

Makeup miracles:

Better than Sex by Too Faced mascara will make your eyelashes pop. It’s about $23 at Sephora. Revlon Photoready products are also awesome for just about anything, good quality and good prices at any drug store.

Nails must be:

I never paint my nails just cause it’s an upkeep, but when I do its always pink. It makes me feel like a pretty & powerful woman.

Sheet mask or mud mask:

Mud mask!! Lush has a whole bunch of natural mud masks I love. Also can’t go wrong with a old school green mask

Bronze or blush:

Is NARS orgasm considered blush or bronzer? I would say both.

Beauty from the inside out: 

I honestly don’t have a set meal plan, I usually just try to eat balanced meals with meat, veggies, and carbs. I definitely don’t deprive myself from goodies but I do try to limit how much I eat of goodies. Its all about balance. (And no, that does not mean go to the gym once and eat an entire large pizza)

Exercise obsession:

If you know me, I have always been a gym rat. I have to gym at least 4 to 5 times a week. I like to lift weights and occasionally I’ll force myself to do some cardio. Leg day every day for sure.

Drink of choice:

Coffee. I’m such a caffeine junky, but I make sure to stay hydrated by buying huge water gallons.

A woman should smell like:

Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris.

In-tub must-read:

If You Have to Cry Go Outside- Kelly Cutrone
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck- Mark Manson

Best advice from mom:

If you want something/need help from someone, be nice.

Definite doppelgänger:

I don’t know? I’ve never heard any celeb in particular to be honest. What do y’all think????



Copy & Paste this in the comments so I can check out your beauty tips and tricks too!



“When it feels scary to jump, that’s exactly when you jump. Otherwise you end up staying in the same place your whole life. And that I can’t do.”

I have no idea where I found this quote, but when people ask me why are you moving out of state? What made you pick Denver? This quote comes in mind.

I have lived in California for the past 23 years. San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Sacramento, Fresno, Paso Robles, Los Angeles, you name it, I have visited.

I currently live in Santa Barbara, California. You probably are thinking what? Why would you want to move from one of the most beautiful cities in California? I’ll tell you why: I am a college graduate with a shit ton of student loan debt. I can’t afford this place. I’m living paycheck to paycheck and working a job I bust my ass off just to pay rent. So you’re probably saying well why don’t you just move to a cheaper area in California? Because like I have said, I’ve seen it all. It’s time for me to jump. 

So why Colorado? My occupation allows me to come into contact with many different people from all sorts of different backgrounds and cultures. I often asked people their opinions on other states, where they have traveled, etc. Denver in particular sparked my interest for a few reasons. One of them being the obvious, they were the first state to legalize marijuana. Another being that it is not too far away from Cali should I need to run back home to mom. Another being that it is sunny almost 300 days of the year. Also I want to feel the seasons. I want to freeze my ass off. I want to explore the mountains and pick up snowboarding. I want to find happiness and adventure in another state!!! Denver has called me and they told me to jump.
This week I will be on my excursion to Colorado. It is a 16 hour drive from SB to Denver and my boyfriend and our two cats are taking my 2011 Honda Accord and a cargo van and trekking it. I will be recording the entire trip so that you guys will be able to see my adventures and I am so excited to share it with you guys!! Follow me on social media, subscribe, bookmark me, everything to keep in touch!!

How many of you work for a company that has been in business for over five years? What about over 10 years? Do you know who is head of your marketing department? What about your management team? Chances are your processes are a tad bit outdated and it’s time for some new ideas.

This is one main reason why you need to hire more millennials. We have better ideas. Our ideas aren’t entirely better, but they are going to be more innovative, efficient, and fresh. We have a good understanding of what’s going on in the world, our goal isn’t to F it up any more than it already is. You can trust us.

Not only do we have better ideas, we were born and raised using electronic devices. Sorry to break it to you gram and gramps, we do know it all. All it takes is a simple “hey Siri” and we have every answer at our finger tips. Even if it isn’t something a quick google search can answer, we will find the answer, because we are problem solvers. 

Besides our knowledge of technology, we know what our generation wants. We were raised on notification updates on our smartphones with the latest fashion trends, cars, and vacations. We want it all. Making us millennials the target market for all sorts of crap. What if your sales and marketing team was your target market? Read this relatable post I found on LinkedIn.



Overall, we are well rounded. We have seen what you guys have done to our world, now let us take over and get a chance to improve our own future.

So think twice before you turn down the job offer to some “kid” with little experience. He may not be so great on paper, but performance wise, he might surprise you.







** I say “we” assuming the opinions of my fellow millennials, this is just an assumption and does not reflect the opinion of us all.